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For the best results, please try to listen to the recording for at least 30 consecutive days. Of course you won’t always be able to listen to a recording and that is not the end of the world, but please try to listen as often as you can.


Ensure that you listen to the recording in a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.


You can even listen to the recording when you go to sleep at night, but we would recommend listen to the recording during day time as well so that you don’t always fall asleep due to tiredness.


DO NOT listen to the recording:


whilst driving a car or
operating machinery




Diverse Hypnosis – Time Capsule

A beautiful session to just get lost in. To enjoy, to relax. To let your mind come up with interesting thoughts, creative ways, beautiful images and just pure relaxation. Enjoy and give us feedback!



Unconscious Mind – Your Best Friend


This session is specifically for people who suffer from Anxiety and Depression. It is a session to help you relax very deeply and once you have reached that wonderful relaxed state, it works with your unconscious mind to help you in your current situation. To help you accept your situation, love yourself and help your unconscious mind to help you rise up again! So if you are suffering from anxiety and are depressed, this session is for you!


Price: £6.99

Once you have made the payment, please complete below so that I can send you the recording for immediate download. Please ensure you add your PAYPAL email address.